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Rules of work

Working with our system is simple and convenient. All that is required of you is to observe the basic rules:

  • When completing his profile, the author should indicate only reliable information. If the contact information turns out to be incorrect, the author's account will be blocked.
  • Communication between authors and customers is possible only on the Platform. It is forbidden to exchange contact data (e-mail, icq, skype, phone, etc.). If such attempts are made to exchange contact details, the Company blocks the user's account.
  • While fulfilling the order, the author must observe the specified terms and provide work according to the customer's request. 
  • The author is obliged to correct the shortcomings of his work within 20 days of warranty period.
  • The platform is entitled to unilaterally terminate the cooperation, in cases when: the author himself refuses to cooperate, ignores the requirements of the customer or system administrators, does not perform customer adjustments, delays the execution of the order, admits plagiarism, does not communicate, does not perform any work in the for more than 6 months, re-registered on the Platform after the account is locked, simultaneously works with 2 or more accounts.
  • In situations where the author has caused the service or the customer financial or reputation damage, the parties are allowed to place the author's data in various blacklists. This is possible when the author repeatedly violated these rules or the requirements of customers and the Platform, delayed the execution of work (more than 3 days) and provided adjustments, provided work with a large content of plagiarism. In the event that the author systematically violates the rules and provides substandard work, the Platform has the right to reset the rating of such an author or to block his account.
  • Authors are strictly prohibited from using the Platform as sources that replace literary ones. Also it is forbidden to use sites of finished abstracts, term papers or diploma papers. Electronic books and company websites can account for no more than 30% of all sources when performing work. The author is fully liable in accordance with the laws of the country of its registration and confirms that the result of the work does not violate the exclusive rights of third parties.
  • Applications for payments (withdrawal of funds from the personal cabinet) are handled by the Platform on a weekly basis during working hours.
  • The payment of the fee to the author means the transfer of the author's copyright to his work to the Customer. From the moment of transfer of copyrights to the author it is forbidden to use this work for any purposes.
  • The final result of the author's work should be provided on time in a form that corresponds to all the rules of registration and the requirements of the customer. The completed work must be uploaded to the system electronically.
  • If the customer makes demands for return of funds due to improper performance of the work, the Platform undertakes to familiarize the author with these requirements. In the event that the situation can not be resolved through mutual agreements, the Platform may involve independent experts to assess the quality of the work performed by the author (the time for consideration of the disputed situation is up to 5 working days).

A full refund (100%) to the customer is made in the following cases:

  • The author did not upload the file with the work;
  • in the text of the work, technical means of cheating anti-plagiarism are used (for example, using a synonymizer or invisible symbols);
  • the work was done not on the required topic (in the request for recalculation, the customer is obliged to explain and give concrete examples).

Partial refund (up to 90%) to the customer: the author uploaded the work, but did not perform the adjustments (the customer needs to explain what percentage of the work is not done by the author).

The company has the right to refuse to make recalculation, if the customer did not send the work for the adjustment, but at the same time immediately demanded a recalculation. If the author has not disappeared from the Platform and is ready for finalization, the customer needs to send the work for an adjustment.

  • If there are claims of the customer to the quality of the work performed by the author, the payments are suspended until the disputable situation is resolved.
  • The Platform has the right to use penal sanctions in case of violation of terms by the author, as well as in case of inconsistency of the provided work with the requirements of the customer.
  • Payment for the order is possible only through the site. It is forbidden to exchange any methods of payment outside the site (online purses, bank cards, mobile phones, etc.). If such attempts are detected, the Company blocks the user's account and disclaims all warranties for orders.
  • Within the warranty period of the Order in the disputed situation between the Author and the Customer, the Expertise result carried out by the expert department of the Platform is final and can not be revised by the Parties. The result of the examination is a document for internal use by the employee of the Platform and is not provided to Users for familiarization.

These rules are mandatory for acquaintance and acceptance by the author, rendering services on the Platform. Work on the Platform is a complete and unconditional confirmation of compliance with these rules.